Wine tasting and learning

The opportunity to learn and share

Tasting of our castle's and of local wines

          A tasting of 3 or 4 Gaillac wines, guided by the owner of

                          our wine castle

          This educational and friendly break arouses comments and exchanges.

          Duration : about 1 hour.

Degustation au château pour vos séminaires

Winemaking and tasting courses

          In a friendly and playful mood

          Games and discussions on elementary smells, varieties, aromas

                          vineyards and its men

          And practice of tasting facilitated by a winemaker

          Duration : about 2 hours


Sénace d'oenologie à Touny les Roses pour vos équipes

This workshop can be done

"on earth" in our tasting room or our terraces

and "On Water": we offer you our pontoon on the Tarn

for an oenological boat ride.

     It can be centered around Gaillac wines, other French or international wines.


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